SMS Chatter 

Chat or send SMS to your friends/coworkers


Sms Chatter is a tool to send SMS messages to your friends/coworkers from your PC using your mobile phone. The application also reads incoming SMS messages from your phone and displays them on the PC.

ü  Select a mobile number or group to send SMS messages to.

ü  Write message text in the bottom and click Send button.

ü  Optionally read replies coming in from receiptant.

ü  Import numbers from your mobile phone or from a Comma separated file.

ü  Building Sending groups is easily done.


Starting the application

1.      Run the Installation program. 

Start application from Windows Menu: 

Start => Program => MagicIT => SmsChatter

SMS Settings

1.     Specify Communication port

Press the <Setup> button to specify the Communication port where a Mobile phone/GSM modem is connected to the PC to send the SMS. The Refresh button loads existing com ports again.


A list of ports for the mobile phone could be discovered here:

·        Cable connection to phone

Windows Menu:

Start=>Control Panel=> Phone and Modem Options=>Modems

·        Bluetooth connection to phone

Your mobile phone and computer must first be paired/connected when communicating over Bluetooth. Normally when the connection is created the same key (default=0000) is entered in both devices, see phone manual.

Windows Menu:

Start=>Control Panel=>Bluetooth devices=>COM Ports


2.     Send a Test message to your phone

Check that correct communication port is selected by sending a Test message to your phone. Remember to answer an “Allow Connection?” question on your mobile phone first time it is connecting via Bluetooth.


3.     Chat mode – Reading incoming SMS messages

Sending groups

Use the <Groups> button to mark numbers that should be in a sending group.


Import Phonebook

Use the <Import> button to import phone numbers as Comma separated rows. Press the <Read from Phone> button to fetch numbers from your mobile phone.



Click the Help button in the top of the application window to read this Help file.

Evaluation / Register

An unregister application will run during an evaluation test period. Register your License key with the link in the top of the application window to run for an unlimited time period.


The application supports both English and Swedish language.

Technical requirements

·        The Application requires that you running Windows and that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed. The installation program will try to download it from internet if it is not installed.

·        When sending messages via SMS (Short Message Service) you will need to have a Mobile phone/ GSM modem that supports being a Serial Modem connected to the Computer via cable/IR or Bluetooth. SMS messages are sent in PDU (Protocol Description Unit) format and GSM-7 default character map.